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This website has a number of horse racing features including Blogs following the racing careers of
Blackheath, Pinpoint and Something, and The Betting Blog which follows my fortunes in betting on sprinters. In time there should also be sections on my other hobbies including football and Sport in general, QPR in particular, and Chess. The blogs are updated every few days, so if you are stuck with old news please refresh your browzer and find the latest page.

There is now a second website at www.chesscomputeruk.com which includes all the chess computer content including the Timeline, a Scisys feature, a Rare section, Sale & Swap, Repairs and many other things which I hope will be of interest to chess computer enthusiasts.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay. Below there are some of the family. Also interests I spend my time on.


Clare at Valladolid

  Pinpoint         -  Ace Racehorse

Sue and Gramps

Queens Park Rangers

Football Club

Resurrection (left) the world’s strongest chess computer playing a friend.

Blackheath at Ripon

A rarely photographed creature caught last summer on a clifftop in Yorkshire.

Sue not very well camouflaged.

Clare and Graham
at Stowe


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